Animal Wound Care since 1980

Products intended for animal use – with a focus on animal well-being. Developed in co-operation with veterinarians and animal wound care experts.

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We offer a variety of wound care products for animals of all sizes.

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About us

Snögg Animal Care has more than 40 years of experience from animal wound care.

About us

New products and improved sizes!

Snögg Animal Care is launching a new improved packaging design with clear instructions to ease use. In addition, the range has been extended with two new products in order to provide a more complete animal wound care range.

Our products

Snögg Animal Care

✓ Easy to apply and remove – without unnecessary stress for the animal
✓ Can be used to bandage difficult areas of the animal’s body
✓ Multi-use – combine and customize for all animal types and stages of the wound healing process
✓ Can easily be combined with other wound care procedures
✓ For treatment and support


Adhesive Foam Bandage

  • Soft and flexible
  • Adhesion on one side
  • Can be applied anywhere on the animal
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