Animal Wound Care since 1980

The history

The Norwegian company Snögg was founded in 1945 driven by the idea of creating a product for easy wound treatment. The innovative product was called “snøgg-bind” (quick-wrap). During this time, the company focused on wound care for humans. In the 1980s, the range evolved and Snögg launched a dressing to protect sore cow teats. This bandage is the precursor to what we nowadays know as Thin Foam Bandage and Thick Foam Bandage. In the late 1980s, Snögg launched an extended portfolio of products for animal wound care which has been used by both veterinarians and pet owners.

Since 2017, Snögg has been a part of Norgesplaster AS, which is 100% owned by Orkla. Snögg still offers products for both humans and animals and wound care for animals is provided under the Snögg Animal Care brand. In 2023, Snögg Animal Care launches a new improved packaging design with clear instructions to ease use. In addition, the range has been extended with two new products in order to provide a more complete animal wound care range. The product range comprises different bandage types that are all easily adapted to different needs and body parts, offering the user creative freedom.

We are sold through distributors in Europe.

Care for our animal friends!

We are constantly striving to get better at what we do so that you can care for your animal in the most efficient way. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us!