Adhesive Foam Bandage

REF: 510002413


22x200 cm

  • Soft and flexible
  • Adhesion on one side
  • Can be applied anywhere on the animal

Adhesive Foam Bandage is an elastic and latex free foam dressing with great adhesion to both fur and skin. The dressing has adhesion on one side and is ideal for padding and fixation or for monitoring devices, i.e. ECG-pads. You can easily create a wound bandage by combining Adhesive Foam Bandage with a compress, or Thick Foam Bandage. Easy to apply where wrap bandages can’t be used. Use Snögg Removal Wipes or skin friendly oil to ease adhesive removal. An original Snögg product produced in Norway.

Caution: This bandage can’t be placed directly on the wound.


Areas of application

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